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The Coin

The Crypto's Coffee token is a Solana Blockchain
based coin created to serve the coffee industry

Crypto's Coffee is a global coffee ecosystem that has all
the components to facilitate a full cycle of purchasing and
selling coffee anywhere in the world with Cryptocurrency.

Crypt O'Coffee Token Logo

Taking Coffee Digital

Crypto's Coffee is the first full cycle case-of-use crypto token
backed by a physical product, a product that represents the second
largest traded commodity on the stock market

The token is present in every transaction starting from the coffee farm,
to the producer, to the supplier, reaching the vendor and ending with the
consumer's cup.

Market Share

In the next 5 years we aim to reach a 15% market share so 33 million
cups of coffee every day

In an industry with yearly revenue of 465 billion USD our market share of
15% represents 70 billion USD .

Going digital!

Let us source, prepare and launch your product

Our partner, SUPERSTITOU S13 can design,
create and launch your business strategy complete with your own
tailored E-commerce platform.

Worldwide sourcing

Crypto's Coffee will connect the farms in one place

Crypto's Coffee plans to reach all the coffee producing countries and link the
supply chain globally.

Future Ventures

Crypto's Coffee has the manufacturing infrastructure already
set to comply with the customers needs

The Crypto’s Coffee DAO plans to transparently invest a part of the share holders crypto stock in further widening the sales channels. This program will include the acquisition and launch of experimental coffee shops where farms will be able to sell their products and also the acquisition or partnership with existing coffee farms, coffee shops, online and physical coffee retailers.

The result

The Coffee Network

Coffee supply chain and trading platform decentralized,
worldwide, powered by blockchain technology.

Investment Protocol

Staking Crypto's Coffee Token for R.O.I. with active coffee producers.

The investment protocol will be backed by the BeanToCup protocol and will allow users to stake their tokens in real business ventures along side world renowned coffee producers.

BeanToCup Protocol

2 Way Consensus Mechanism

Direct business to client payment request through Phantom Wallet Secure Approval with 2 party validation of transaction. This protocol allows any active participant to create a payment request based on the first participants order summary.

Our Partners

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